For any crude of interest, PetroTech Intel will coordinate sample procurement, shipment, lab analysis, correlation and validation of lab data. The ultimate product is a hardcopy assay report, and electronic output ready for entry into Haverly Systems, Inc. suite of computer tools or your specific company database.
PetroTech Intel will analyze, correlate and validate your crude assay data - as received from the lab - and provide a customized hardcopy assay report and electronic output of distributed property curves rather than discrete data points.
If you have third party hardcopy crude assays that need to be correlated and entered into electronic form, send us the raw laboratory data. We will validate the lab data and make it available via Haverly Systems' H/CAMS product or your custom database.
PetroTech Intel provides general crude oil consulting pertaining to crude assays, crude grade information and lab/analytical testing. We are also available to collaborate on joint initiatives for new testing methodologies for crude assays and grade tracking. Please click to e-mail us if we can help with any general crude oil questions.

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