Interpretation of Laboratory Data

Crude Assays are essential for the identification of physical and chemical properties of a particular oil to provide a basis for valuation and processing. They are used throughout the industry for supply decisions in crude trading and purchasing, refinery operations and optimization, equipment design and research.

PetroTech Intel analyzes and validates crude assay data as received from the lab. PTI provides a hardcopy assay report and electronic output of distributed property curves rather than discrete data points. PTI consults with clients to develop assay testing parameters specific to client needs. Customized assay reports are also available.

Crude Assay Reports are provided on a contract basis. Please contact us for additional information on rates.

To view a sample of PTI's Standard Crude Assay Report, click on the file name to the right.

std_assay.PDF (253kb)
Viewing PTI Crude Assay Reports requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of the program, click on the Adobe logo to the right.

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