H/COMET is a new web-based assay-evaluation tool that is fast and easy to use. It brings economic benefits to crude traders, refinery and economic planners, and crude producers by combining the technology of the crude assay management system, H/CAMS, with LP optimization. The Crude Assay database used by H/COMET is populated by H/CAMS.

H/COMET also links directly to the PetroTechIntel (PTI) crude information system, CIMS (Crude Information Management System).

H/COMET Advantages :
  • Web Based
  • Immediate Results
  • Easy to use
  • Fast

With H/COMET you can:
  • View extensive amounts of crude assay data - all in one accessible location
  • Quickly find crudes with user defined criteria from a large assay database
  • Add your own assay data, with drag and drop feature
  • Use powerful search facilities
  • Display assay reports and graphs
  • Compare crudes side by side for any desired qualities
  • Electronically export assays in Excel or Word format
  • Re-cut and blend crudes using technology from the world renowned crude assay management system., H/CAMS
  • Quickly determine the netback value of crudes or blends, for a variety of refinery configurations (simple to complex), using black box LP optimization
Links directly to CIMS
  • CIMS (Crude Information Management System) - PetroTech Intel (PTI)'s web-based application which monitors new field discoveries and quality changes in existing crude grades
  • Provides information on 2500+ crude fields (load port, location maps, API gravity trends, production and export rates, etc.)
For more information on H/COMET visit www.haverly.com
For more information on CIMS, click here

If you are currently using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (4.0 or higher) as your Internet browser and would like to review the contents of the CIMS database, "Evaluation Accounts" are available, free of charge.

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