Assay Viewer / CIMS

PetroTech Intel’s Crude Information Management System (CIMS) now links to Haverly Systems Assay Viewer.

HSI’s new interactive web-based assay viewing tool features:

  • Ability to view crude assay data on a consistent basis
  • Capability of comparing crudes (side by side) for any fraction
  • Search facility to identify crudes which meet multiple cut property criteria
  • Enhanced reporting features – plotting of graphs, printing of reports, exporting to Excel or Word

PTI’s web-based Crude Information Management System features:

  • Central storage of information on crude oils
    • Location – Maps & Loadports
    • Probable & Recoverable Reserves
    • Production & Export Data
    • Producers & Operators (including Equity Share)
    • API Gravity Trends
    • Crude Assay Data
  • Over 2500 entries for crude and gas fields
  • Information on New field discoveries and startup dates
  • Updated several times weekly

Linking the Assay Viewer with CIMS makes a very powerful tool – giving the user the ability to view extensive amount of data per crude – all in one easily accessible location.

A demonstration of the tool is available by accessing Please contact us to request a temporary login account. You may call us at (973) 644-2280 or (732) 744-0887 or click to E-mail for more information.

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