CIMS Enhancements

Changes are being made to the CIMS database to enhance its sorting and selection capability and are expected to be incorporated into the production version by 4th quarter 2003:
  • New sorting features include:
    • pre-Production Fields vs. Fields in Production
    • Gas Fields vs. Oil Fields
    • Standalone Grades vs. Blends or Composites
    • Selecting grades which have been updated in the last 7 days or last 14 days

  • The new SEARCH function has been extensively enhanced and includes:
    • Ability to search for a crude when the entire spelling of the grade name is not known
    • Ability to select by Producer and/or Operator
    • Ability to search for a crude and include the new sorting features (ie production vs. pre-production, gas vs. oil, standalone vs. blend, etc.)

Free Evaluation Accounts for CIMS are available for potential users to review the content of the database and the search function capabilities of the system. Please call us at (973) 644-2280 or (732) 744-0887 click to e-mail for more information.

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