SPR Crude Assay Data

In late September 2000, President Clinton approved the opening of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to release 30 million barrels of sweet and sour crude oil for sale to refiners in exchange for an equivalent amount of oil to be replaced in the Spring of 2001.

Crudes from three of the four SPR storage sites were released:

West Hackberry Sweet 37.0 API 0.29 wt% Sulfur
Byron Mound Sour 33.4 API 1.38 wt% Sulfur
Bayou Choctaw Sour 32.2 API 1.43 wt% Sulfur
With two unqualified original bidders for the SPR crude, 7 million barrels of oil were once again offered for bid by the DOE in late October.

Using the crude assay data obtained in the DOE's reference document - Request DE-RP96-00PO53100 for Exchange of Strategic Petroleum Reserve Crude Oil - PetroTech Intel has worked up the data to check material and property balances and ensure overall data consistency.

For Haverly Systems users, individual .cru files are available for
the crudes listed above at a cost of $450 each.

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