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Haverly Systems Inc.
Web: www.haverly.com
Haverly Systems provides process industries worldwide with a complete line of decision support systems. Since 1962, their systems have been essential to the optimum operations planning, scheduling, and economic forecasting of their software users. HSI continues to anticipate the needs of the industries supported, through continued development of high quality software.
Web: www.intertek-cb.com Intertek provides laboratory testing, laboratory outsourcing, consulting, cargo inspection and certification services for clients in a wide range of industries on a global basis. Industrial and commercial organizations choose Intertek for quality, professionalism, performance and solutions. Intertek is the world's largest product testing, inspection and certification partner providing manufacturers and retailers with a wide range of support and expertise.
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Purvin & Gertz Inc.
Web: www.purvingertz.com
Email: Purvin & Gertz Founded in 1947, Purvin & Gertz, Inc. is an international energy consulting firm. With proven crude oil evaluation and pricing methodology, Purvin & Gertz provides specialized analysis to maximize the value of new and existing crude oil production. With an international network of offices, they are the leading source of industry-wide studies and reports that analyze and forecast market and industry trends.
Soluble Solutions
Web: www.solublesolutions.com Soluble Solutions is a petroleum consulting company specializing in oil compatibility, fouling mitigation, resid conversion, petroleum macromolecules and solvent selection.
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