PetroTech Intel provides independent evaluation and characterization of crude oil for the petroleum industry. Our services include the validation, correlation and reporting of crude assay data. Typical data workup includes screening, analyzing and interpreting raw lab information resulting in finished crude assays tailored to specific client needs.

PetroTech Intel is a central source of information on new crude discoveries and proactively highlights crude quality changes in existing fields.

PetroTech Intel offers general consulting services pertaining to crude assays, crude grade information and lab/analytical testing methods. Our clients include exploration and production companies, traders, refiners and industry specialists.

Customized crude assays with on-line property selector. See PTI's Crude Assay Designer Free Evaluation Accounts available for Crude Information Management System. See more info on CIMS. See list of crudes. 2000 through 2011 Annual Volumes now available.
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