Customized Crude Assays

The newest PTI web-enhancement is our capability to provide customized Crude Assays. Many clients do not need all of the crude property data reported in a full crude assay. This new custom assay feature was designed so that users can choose which properties they require. With this information, PTI will develop an assay based on unique user needs.

This new feature is interactive - as the user-defined inspections of interest are selected, the cost of the assay is automatically calculated.

If there are additional properties (not listed on the request form) that a client wants included in the analysis - these tests can be requested via the Comments box.

Once the properties of interest are selected, an e-mail can be sent directly to PTI to process the request and/or provide additional information. The user will receive an e-mail confirming their request.

For a demonstration of how this new customized assay feature works, look at the Request Form (Currently operates under Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, only)

If you have any questions regarding this new feature or require additional information, please click to e-mail us.

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