Keeping up with quality changes in existing crude oils can be a significant challenge. Crude quality can change when new fields are brought on stream, when older wells shut down, when crudes are spiked with condensate and/or products (i.e. fuel oil) and some crude oils even exhibit seasonal differences. Tracking crude quality changes and the early identification and analysis of new fields can provide a competitive advantage for users.

PTI's Crude Information Management System (CIMS) is a central repository for quality information on crudes, condensates and resids. Access to complete, concise raw materials information in one commonly accessible place improves the efficiency of traders, supply coordinators and economic analysts in refinery and supply locations. The time and effort expended in searching for data from a variety of sources is considerably lessened. The potential for errors from the use of outdated or inconsistent information is reduced.

CIMS monitors crude quality for existing grades and alerts subscribers to changes. Additionally, CIMS keeps track of new discoveries and new field developments. With information on over 3,500 crudes (click to see the list of crudes) and crude components, data is updated on a regular basis.

For each grade, some or all of the following information is included in CIMS:

  • Crude Name & Location
  • Estimated Probable & Recoverable Reserves
  • Whole Crude Properties
  • Production Rates
  • Export Data
  • Operator
  • Producers & Equity Share
  • Loadports
  • Monthly Cargo Gravity Tracking
  • Quality Measurement Trend Graphs (1998 to current)
  • Startup Information on New Grades
  • Expected Quality Data for New Grades
  • Historical Compilation of Data From the Monthly PTI Intelligence Reports
Proprietary Information
To make this database even more powerful, refinery-operating experience can be included per crude grade on a company-by-company basis. This proprietary information would only be accessible to authorized users at individual companies. CIMS can be used as a central location for employees to share supply/refining technologies and learnings regarding specific crude grades.
CIMS Database Features
The CIMS database of crude oils has several sorting capabilities:
  • Alphabetic by Crude Name - includes whole crude API and location
  • Crudes by Location - includes crude name, whole crude API and Sulfur
  • Crudes by Whole Crude API - includes crude name, API and location
  • Crudes by Producer - includes equity share and operator identification
  • Crudes by Startup - includes date of actual or projected field startup

Additionally, using the SEARCH facility, users can select crudes from the database by whole crude API, sulfur, region and/or producer. The MY GRADES features provides a mechanism for clients to keep track of new information for high, medium, and low interest crudes.


The CIMS Database is available on a subscription basis and is accessible via the Internet. Site-wide and Company-wide discounts are available. Please call us at (973) 644-2280 or (732) 744-0887 or click to e-mail us for more information and current rates.

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