Who we are . . .

PetroTech Intel has extensive experience in the petroleum industry, specifically in crude oil characterization. Formerly from ExxonMobil, the principals of PTI have over 70 years of expertise in crude oil distillation, analytical lab techniques, correlation of crude assay data, and characterization of raw materials for supply and refining organizations. Their work with new crudes and identification of quality changes in existing crudes, resulted in the refining of economically attractive, often discounted, crude purchases... thereby significantly increasing company profits.

PetroTech Intel provides producers, refiners, suppliers, marketers, crude traders, and petroleum engineers, with third party independent evaluations of the chemical and physical properties of crude oil. Characterization of raw materials is essential in the rapidly changing oil market. Raw materials can include condensates, resids, catfeed and naphthas, in addition to virgin crude. In an industry where each cargo of crude oil can cost between $8 - $10M, it is imperative that characterization be accurate!

The members of PTI can provide a means of screening, analyzing and interpreting raw lab data into complete data quality distributions, thus providing the capability of evaluating the data over any temperature range or yield.

PTI utilizes Intertek Testing Services, Ltd. for world class quality lab assay data. In conjunction with the Haverly Systems, Inc. suite of software, PTI is able to provide data for customized crude assay fractions or blends specific to each client's need. PTI can provide data electronically or in hardcopy format.

How we can help . . .

  • 70+ years of experience working with crude oil data
  • Consistency of data workup
  • Custom tailored hardcopy reports including graphical representation of data
  • Third party, independent assay validation and workup
  • Data provided as electronic datasets ready for entry into your economic models and company database
  • Quick turnaround
  • Save precious time and resources by outsourcing to PetroTech Intel

Who we help . . .

PetroTech Intel's products and services in the characterization of crude oil have assisted exploration and production companies, traders and refiners. PetroTech Intel services both independents and majors in the petrochemical industry.

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