API Gravity Trends

Keeping track of crude quality charges is a voluminous task!

Although some crudes are fairly stable in composition and quality, many crudes can vary over time. These variations can be due to numerous reasons including new field startups, shutdowns, and aging fields.

Being aware of these compositional changes could significantly impact your "bottom line".

Are you aware of these variations ?

Are you running any of these crudes in your refinery ?

To keep abreast of these variations, PTI now has the capability of including these API gravity trends in the monthly PTI Intelligence Reports. This information will highlight crude changes and assist in triggering the need for reassay.

In the past two years, the crude below has increased in gravity by nearly 7 API !!

As seen below, some crudes exhibit seasonal differences in quality. Due to injection of light ends, some crudes are lighter when transported in the colder winter months.
As shown below, there are crudes which are quite stable and show little variation in API.

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